Saturday, December 22, 2012

Understanding this Girl

I am a very blunt young lady and my words usually gets me in trouble but I cannot help it, it is the way I have always been. I find it hard to believe that one day there will be a man who can put me in my place. And here comes the WOW factor of it all, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN YEARNING FOR ALL MY LIFE (yes I am screaming it).

Yes I want a man:
  • Who will fuck me even when I do not want it, just because I am his 
  • I want someone who will give me a look and instantly I will know that I need to shut-up 
  • A man who will have a bad day at work and know I will be the thing he takes his aggression out on 
  • If I do not do as I promise he will be there to remind me and punish me 
  • If I call him out of his name (which I always do to guys. oops!) just once I know that I will be getting a red ass 
  • I want a man who I can trust to drive as I ride passenger 
  • Someone who after getting punished will cuddle and remind me that regardless of what happened he still cares 
  • I want a man who I can live a vanilla life with but have a strong D/s relationship 

I know there is a man out there who can turn me into a their sub, I just plan to find him and be waiting for him at his doorsteps.

I just want the simple things in life

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