Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Must-Know Facts

  1. I am undeniably a football fanatic BUT not just any football fanatic a 49ers football fanatic. If they are playing I will be watching no ifs, buts, or maybes. My emotions do coincide with their wins and loses. So unfortunately I have had three painful weeks and one week that was uncomfortable (they tied against the rams). Now back to the point of this post, two things you should know: 1. YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING DISRESPECTFUL ABOUT THE 49ERS. 2. YOU SHOULD AVOID ME ANYTIME THEY LOSE. Those two things are actually pretty simple but sometimes people forget it. Fair warning people
Their last game of the regular season will be against Cardinals 

2. Now Sophia Davis, she is an alternative personality. Since I do try to convey Vanilla living to the outside world I have to keep my personal life very secretive. There can be a point in my life that I won’t have to but for now this is how it must be. 

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