Saturday, December 22, 2012

A peek into my Vanilla World

Oh Vanilla World, how you constraint me and not in the way I would enjoy. Why can’t everyone understand that I enjoy getting rough while having hot passionate sex. I rather FUCK then make LOVE (sometimes it’s okay hmm, maybe not), show me you love me by pulling my hair and using your belt on me. I am surrounded by people who think stepping outside the box consist of having him spank them as they are face deep in the pillow, my friends have no clue what I would considered stepping outside the box. When we talk about BDSM and we tell each other only "weirdos, creeps, and psychopaths" are into it, deep inside I want to scream that I AM A SUB AND I'M ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR A DOM but society rules keep me from yelling it. Even when I study my thoughts are taking me into another world  I might study like this:

But my thoughts are playing different scenarios of being gagged and tie, I guess the secret is out when I am deep in studying I can guarantee I am really wet and horny thinking of all the different ways I can be dominated

How I love my dirty thoughts they always seem to excite me and keep my own world exciting :)

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