Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just a Little Preview of Our Relationship

Slowly taking away all my power 
Let me explain him to you:
He is a tech geek with a Dominant side. He has the ability to make me feel like a young naive girl with just simple questions. He is slowly turning around every rock in my world without hesitation and I am slowing giving up all my power to him. I feel hypnotized everytime we talk and the moments we skype he can have me do what he pleases. Now we talk about sex a lot not the only thing but sex is important to both of us. A physical connection is just as important as a mental one. I am not as experienced as he is when it comes to sex so when anal came up this is what happen:

Me: I'm to scared to do anal
Him: Do you want to do it?
Me: Yes and No
Him: What do you mean?
Me: Well I don't want the pain but I having a feeling that I'll like it, a lot
Him: Well I'm taking it!
Me: huh
Him: Bend over lick your fingers and finger your ass
Me: But....
Him: Do you know how to listen, you are being difficult. DO IT NOW
Me: I'm sorry, (starts licking fingers)
Him: I'm going to tell you once if I say something you listen, you are my sub understand. You are my fuck toy and I will use all your holes and take them when I want. If you don't want to listen you will pay and I'm not going to spank you I will make you do the most degrading things ever, so watch your mouth with me . Now how does that ass feel
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it hurts
Him: Good :)

Such an ass sometimes but he excites me so much

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